ebay mailboxHello and welcome to my newest website that I have called Thrifty Addicts.  This website is being created to bring my weekly stories of buying and selling items from local thrift stores on eBay.  I will be posting as often as I can and that should include at the very least once per week and probably more often than that.

Who Am I?

I would like to introduce myself and let you get to know me a little better.  My name is John and I have always had the dream of being an entrepreneur and making a living completely online.

I Mean What Is Better Than That, Right?

Making a living from the comfort of your own home, as your own boss and being in full control of the amount of money you make is an awesome feeling, isn’t it?

I do not want to give off the wrong impression.  I am not a full time blogger, eBay seller or online marketer.  I am however a small portion of all those and still have a full time job as well outside of the home as well.

My ultimate goal would be to no longer clock in at 7:30 AM and work until dark at times while only being paid an hourly rate that I cannot control.


  • I currently as mentioned have a full time job that barely pays all the living expenses such as the house payment, utilities and a few essentials.  As a secondary income I also run a website (other than this one) that gets over 1,000 visitors per day and at times has hit over 5,000 visitors in one day.This other website makes me anywhere from $500 on a bad month to close to $1500 on a good month from ad revenue and affiliate marking and is slowly increasing in revenue over time.
  • I have in the past sold on eBay, but not a whole lot.  Last year I sold over $2,000 on eBay.  I quit selling on eBay after I had several hundred items listed and had an inventory crisis.There were times I was afraid I was not going to be able to fulfill orders due to missing items.  While I never had to cancel an order due to my inventory negligence, I feared the risk was high enough for this to occur so I deleted all items from eBay and quit selling online.

    My first eBay experience learned me a lot about business, especially within eBay, shipping and managing inventory.  I decided on or about July 31, 2017 to start selling on eBay once again.  Not only did I decide to start this back up, I set a big goal to list 1000 items by January 1, 2018.

  • This website, why not?  Lets be honest, this article is the first article being posted at Thrifty Addicts and this website is making no money right now.  If you have an opportunity to try and make money, go for it.  I expect to continue to post articles on this website quite often.  These articles will include my results of my eBay listing challenges as well as items that have sold or purchased to resell.I will also most likely begin to include eBay tips and other relevant information that I learn along the way to help others.  This website doesn’t cost anything to the visitors, so I might as well monetize it and help achieve my ultimate success goal and some day be able to say “Take this job and shove it.”  Besides to make a living online it would have to be a knock-out to do so on only one sole stream of income.  Multiple websites and even other sources of income streams combined however, makes it much more a reality.
  • YouTube!  I also have a YouTube channel, one of which will be linked to this website and another one that is linked to my other website.  YouTube is a great way to make a little extra cash and help the bottom line.  Just keep in mind it takes many views to gain any kind of check on that platform, but if you become popular enough you can see nice results.

As you see, I am working on generating income from multiple sources by planting a seed that will hopefully continue to grow and someday allow financial freedom.

Enjoy It!

Whatever it is you do, you must enjoy it to make it a complete success.  I absolutely love making website articles that help others.  While eBay is a great opportunity to make some extra money or for some a full time living, I struggled slightly at it at first, and didn’t have the full passion needed.

I have since regained that passion and since website blogging is my stronger passion, I decided to add it together and post about my eBay adventures.

This website is going to be mostly about eBay and helping others achieve success.  Thrifty Addicts is definitely for beginners since I am one myself, but would like to believe even the more experienced sellers will find something of value as well.   I will grow my eBay store with this website and see what develops going forward.

Thank you for visiting and I will hopefully make my goal of 1000 items listed by the end of 2017.

Be Smart

Please in no way take anything to literal that you read on this site, other sites or from any eBay channel.  If I or someone else makes a particular amount from an item, does not necessarily mean you will.  There are lots of factors that goes into getting a sell.

This ranges from the seller, their feedback, photos, description, item location, finding the right seller, time of year and more.  Always do your own diligence and while inhaling all the information, analyse everything you learn.

Welcome To My eBay Blog
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