One of the questions that I hear a lot is how often should I list items on eBay or how many items should I have listed on eBay.  This completely varies based on the type of eBay seller you want to be.

Are you looking for eBay to be your families total financial support or is it only supplementing your income.  How much spare time do you have to work on eBay?  Depending on these factors will help identify how many items and how hard you really need to work to hit your numbers and sales.

Spread Out Your Listings

If you are only going to be listing a set amount of items a week, try and spread them out over the week to have new listings evenly added throughout the week.

For example:  If you are only expecting to list 10 items for the week, it would be best to try and add 1 to 3 a day rather than adding all 10 at once.  This way your store stays current and shows you have not gone idle as an eBay seller and can help increase your sales.

More Is Better / None Is Worst

While you can absolutely list triple the amount of items in one day, then return to your scheduled listings, it is not as wise to do this if it means you will be listing zero items for a number of days.  In other words, avoid increasing your items being listed if you can steadily list them evenly over the course of the week, but prefer to take a few days off and just list them all at once.


If you only have one or two days available to list each week don’t be discouraged.  If this is going to be your eBay listing model that is totally fine.  In this situation I would recommend keeping a schedule that you abide by and you sales will be just fine.

Try to pick 1 or two days a week and commit to listing on just those days.  If possible make them a few days apart.  However if the weekends is your only day available, try and not skip a couple weekends and go three weeks with nothing new added to your store.

Keeping a rhythm will go a long ways in being successful, even if it means limited listing days.

List eBay Items Consistently To Increase Sales
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